As mentioned before we at Outlook Double Glazing Repairs Glasgow don’t do whole window replacements, only repairs. So here’s our unbiased guide as to why you should upgrade your old windows to UPVC double glazing.

First Of All, The Benefits

ENERGY BILLS! You can save anything up to a whopping 50%!

That 50% can be whacked up a fair amount if you include security. Security is drastically improved with brand new, modern locks that are much more difficult for would be criminals to exploit! Not just burglary but breakage from the elements too. Modern UPV double glazing is designed to tolerate abuse from the outside world, without breaking, splitting and cracking.

Design wise, the sheer amount of options on the market is staggering. Every conceivable style known to man, including authentic wood effects or metal to either give a completely different look to the usual white UPVC or to try and be in-keeping with the original design.

One of the most common reasons for fitting UPVC double glazing is the noise cancellation. No longer are you listening to people as they pass your property, but more so if you stay near any kind of road, it doesn’t even have to be a busy one; an old window will let so much of that noise in, whereas a UPVC double glazing window can reduce noise by 90%!

UPVC Double Glazing Companies

Be sure to vet any company that comes out to quote thoroughly and check their online reviews. A good company will remove your existing windows, leaving a clean architrave to install the new windows and use expanding foam or similar ensuring everything is 100% watertight. Also, they should have a long, cast iron guarantee. This will let you know they are confident in their own work and should the worst happen for any reason – you’re covered! Finally, they should dispose of your old windows, have no damage to your floor/carpet around the work area and everything should be the same clean and tidy place it was before they arrived …minus the new windows of course!

If you need any help or advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call for recommendations on what to do.

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