Typically, the most important things in life are your family and your home. Home security is something none of us want to compromise on.

In todays modern world, the days of leaving your front door unlocked is a thing of the past. You can never know how opportunistic or desperate a passer by can be.

With only 1 in 10 burglaries being solved by police in the UK and with Glasgow often having the highest crime rate in Scotland, it’s important that all aspects of home security are taken seriously.

We spend fortunes on doors, windows, locks, CCTV and so on to protect ourselves from the outside world but we often fail to repair latches and handles on our windows, seals and gaps that make it easier to access our home. With insurance premiums being at an all time high, it’s important not to compromise the safety of our belongings when we’re either out or sleeping at night.

Double glazing should not be exclusively about what looks the best, keeps you and my family warm, is energy efficient and the right price – we need to be mindful of neglect and age of our double glazed units.

We recently fixed a patio door that wouldn’t close properly. Are their any access areas of your property that need a potential repair, making it secure?

How often are fixing these issues put off at the potential expense of your families’ safety and your belongings that you work hard for? Take your home security seriously and don’t let a lapse in affirmative action be at a greater cost.


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