At Outlook Double Glazing Repairs Glasgow we only repair, however if a window needs replaced we will always tell you.

So, here’s 5 signs your windows might need replaced:

1. Safety

No doubt the most important reason is safety. A few signs for needing a new window is when they don’t lock properly or have developed new gaps or broken seals, making it easier for criminals to exploit for entry.

We will always check locks, gaps and seals are repairable before recommending a complete replacement.

When windows are close to the floor, they require tempered glass, much like you get protecting a modern mobile phone screen! Much like old mobiles not having tempered glass protection – old windows can often be the same and are no longer up to code.

You can see more on our Safety blog post here.

2. Noise

Soundproofing isn’t a big deal in a sleepy suburb, but for those of us that live near a main road: vehicles, passing people, school kids, dog walkers… or even if you’re in a flight path; noise can be the major difference with relaxing in your own home.

Double glazed windows are vastly more efficient at keeping out noise compared to single glazing, but if there are repairs or replacements needed that let more noise in, what’s the point?

Have us check your windows and doors for necessary repairs. They can more often than not be repaired before resorting to a new unit.

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3. Looks

A damaged window can really show up an otherwise attractive property. They’re also responsible for all the light getting into your home and people inside looking out! Clean, tidy, well maintained windows are important to everyone’s home.

4. Energy

If your windows are broken or damaged in some way, they won’t be as efficient at keeping the cold out and the heat in. This means you’re spending a lot more money heating your house than necessary!

A simple repair can transform this, however it’s important to get an expert out who can assess the viability of a repair over a replacement.

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5. COLD!

As above, a damaged window doesn’t just make your heating more expensive, it can make you cold and your home feeling draughty! Nobody wants that from their most important possession or for any guests to experience.



As we say, there are plenty of reasons it’s important to have windows and doors repaired or replaced. We always recommend a repair assessment first before resorting to a new unit. Our assessments are free and you can be sure it will come with honest advice.


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