When moisture builds up in double glazing units, it’s usually down to broken seals as covered in one of our previous posts. However, condensation occurs when the air hitting the window is warmer than the glass itself.

That’s why if you leave the door open in the bathroom when you go for a shower often the windows in the rooms close to it steam up. The warm air has travelled and hit the cold glass window. This means ventilation is key.

Big deal?!

No, seriously, it can be. In poorly ventilated properties moisture can become mold and mold can cause damage to your windows, your walls and even you! Asthma and breathing problems to name a few problems.

It’s not just warm showers, either. The likes of cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, even boiling your kettle will cause warm, damp air to roam around the house.

How Do I Fix It?

Make sure you open your windows when you can. If this isn’t possible at least open the trickle vents or use an extractor fan (if either of these options are available).

Dry your washing outside (again, when you can) as damp items draped over a radiator is asking for serious moisture and the resulting condensation.

Keep your food covered when cooking and avoid constantly boiling your kettle.

Whatever your doing at the very least close the door and prevent the moisture from spreading around the house.

Taking a second to consider these small changes will help the health of both you and your home long term and help minimize double glazing repairs needed in future.

Hope that was helpful, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call!