Are you experiencing excessive noise?

Feeling drafts?

Perhaps you can you hear people taking in the street or road noise that you probably wouldn’t expect to?

Windows & Doors Getting Tired

As windows and doors get older, it’s natural for the seals and hinges to lose their effectiveness over time.

Sometimes it’s really obvious with a big gap somewhere, however the trained eye can see it doesn’t look right if the damage is a little more subtle.


Sometimes you just need some new weather seals, however, if the windows are quite old, often a new pair of hinges are required instead of the seals. Both are, of course, much less expensive than a replacement window, so we would always exhaust these (and any other fixes) first.

This is the same with doors that are becoming quite difficult to lock. If you need to push the handle up quite far to get it to lock then it’s likely the whole door needs realigned as the door has become a sort of rhombus shape. It sounds unusual but you have to take the glass out the door to realign it. This works every single time!

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