Double glazing, as most people know has two sheets of glass instead of the one in single glazing. The void between them provides the insulation, which is usually a vacuum or gas. This is very effective as a double glazed unit has 3 times the heat retention than a single unit. Double glazing repairs are often down to damaged seals.

Damaged Seals

Your seals usually get damaged due to the change in temperature over the course of the year because they expand and contract. Cleaning the windows with harsh chemicals also doesn’t help. Less common, but what we have seen a few times in the past is poor installation. Be sure to take the latter up with whoever installed your windows first before seeking double glazing repairs.

When the seal on the outside fails, moisture gets in between the double glazed glass. Usually starting in a small corner but can gradually build up, covering the entire window.

Can I Do My Own Double Glazing Repairs?

We’ve had calls a few times from customers who have tried following online instructions or a YouTube video on how to do the repair themselves. As you can imagine we don’t really recommend this for a few reasons.

Firstly, as mentioned above you should give the original supplier/fitter a call first and make sure you don’t have some sort of warranty or free call out service with them. Secondly, you risk damaging the window itself.

The least cost effective is getting a complete replacement. The energy saving from having a new window for a damaged seal won’t balance out against the cost of the replacement for a very long time!

Ultimately you’re always best getting the professionals in for your double glazing repairs. Give us a call if your seals appear broken and letting in moisture. At Outlook Double Glazing Repairs Glasgow we can help!