What do we mean by improving efficiency?

Well, it’s all about either maintaining temperature or using the least amount of energy possible to either increase or decrease the temperature of an environment.

Decreasing temperature tends to be easier, anything from turning the heating down, turning it off, to opening a window for more drastic drops. However, maintaining or increasing temperature efficiently (particularly in Glasgow!) is more difficult.

Unsurprisingly the most common route of lost heat is through windows and doors, so it’s important your double glazing repairs are carried out to ensure maximum efficiency. This should always be a preferred route before a complete replacement is considered. You can call us for a free survey of your windows and we can advise on the best route.

Also, by insulating your windows effectively, you’re not only maintaining temperature more easily and saving money – you’re also contributing to fewer greenhouse gas emissions, so much better for the environment. UK homes are second only to factories for energy wastage, with up to a third of households haemorrhaging energy that could be utilised more effectively.

With double glazing, the cavity is typically filled with argon gas, designed to prevent heat from passing through the window. Damaged windows can leak argon and lose their integrity through this, over and above the damage itself.

Not only this…

Having these things repaired means things such as traffic, road noise and general outside noise is improved or eliminated completely.

If you need any help or advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call for recommendations on what to do.

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